Final Blog Post

I took a lot of information and technology tools away from this class. When I first started this class, that I did not think I would like it nor learn from it. I am not a huge technology person inside the classroom but can do basic, every day stuff. After this class, I plan onContinue reading “Final Blog Post”


Audio Recording

I decided to use the audio recording option. I hate being on camera and hearing myself recorded but I can handle it just being my voice. The recording was a little difficult at first. I recorded it twice on the recording app but it was recording my screen also and I couldn’t figure out whereContinue reading “Audio Recording”

Instructional Product

I chose to use NearPod. I have had previous students and colleagues that have used this but I have never personally used this. I thought it was items that was already uploaded only and didn’t realize you could create your own activities. My first time hearing about it was when general education teachers had toContinue reading “Instructional Product”


The first tool I used was SeeSaw. I have used this in the past around 7 years ago to work on students spelling. I chose this since most general education teachers in my class uses it. Since I haven’t worked with it in a long time, I wanted a refresher. This program lets you chooseContinue reading “Assessments”

Blooket Multiplication

For my Instructional Project I chose to use Blooket. I was introduced to this during summer school but haven’t made my own. I am a special education teacher and helped in multiple classrooms so I got to see general education teachers using this as a reward. The students loved it! They were learning and reviewingContinue reading “Blooket Multiplication”


I created a Canva Presentation to complete the Web assignment. When I do a project like this, I like to have a Title page, and a slide for each answer or item I am discussing. I decided to add photos to show how far we have come from Web 1.0. The only challenge I encounteredContinue reading “WWW”

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