Final Blog Post

I took a lot of information and technology tools away from this class. When I first started this class, that I did not think I would like it nor learn from it. I am not a huge technology person inside the classroom but can do basic, every day stuff. After this class, I plan on integrating it a lot more with my students. One big takeaway was that I need to explore in order to engage my students. Students interact more when you are using fun ways to learn. They do not all have to be online but it would help with the sharing of information. I plan on using Blooket, Nearpod, Edpuzzle, Kahoot, and any other platform I think the students will enjoy. Another takeaway I got was that blogs are not just for adults and teens writing about something they are passionate about. It can also be used as an educational tool for students and teachers. Students can write about their passion and it can be connected to standards they are learning too. Finally, another takeaway I have is technology and the web is always updating and growing and I need to do the same. I do not usually do research on technology but I need to so I can grow and be able to use the different tools in my classroom with confidence.

One of my favorite assignments was the Canva assignment we completed. I liked creating something that told about me and my family that I designed. I was able to save it for future use if I need to and just to show my family. It was a fun way to introduce myself since we are remote also in this class. It would have been nice for me to use when the district started remote last school year. I plan on using this in the beginning of school to introduce myself to students and parents. I will probably have students create one for their first project to introduce themselves also. They could do a voice over or stand in the front of the classroom and present it to us. I am the Lead Educational Agent (LEA) at my school for the Special Education Department, I could use this when presenting information to all staff members about information I was given from Special Services. This would be a more interesting way to present the information rather than sending an email out.

Prior to this course, I would have never used a blog or some other technology I have used this quarter. Since taking this course, I am more open to technology and plan on using some of the tools I had to use and some I have not used on here but I am glad I was introduced to. I first plan on using Plan board for my lesson plans. I have heard of it before but was not comfortable using this because I did not usually venture out on technology much. I have now played with it with some colleagues and love the idea of having my lesson plans imported with information that can be shared among each other and my principal. I also plan on using Canva a lot. I have never heard of it before. I actually just used it to make a birthday invitation for my little girl and sent them via email and text to my family and friends. It was a quick, easy, and cute way to invite them. My daughter loved helping me design them. If I would have bought them from a store, I would not have been able to customize them. My students will like the freedom Canva gives for them to create individual and/or group projects. They will be able to work on these at home also without lugging around a bunch of materials to create something. This class has been a great experience and I can not wait to integrate my new knowledge of technology and continue to learn more. I also plan on sharing my new technology tools with the staff at my school in case they are looking for new tools to use in the classroom with their students or for other projects they may have.


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