The first tool I used was SeeSaw. I have used this in the past around 7 years ago to work on students spelling. I chose this since most general education teachers in my class uses it. Since I haven’t worked with it in a long time, I wanted a refresher. This program lets you choose from a variety of assessments on the program already or create your own. I chose to create a multiplication assessment were the students write on the slide. I like this and plan on incorporating it into my classroom. There is some down time (rarely) when I am testing with students and others are on a program waiting for their turn. Instead of putting them on one program, I can alternate and create my own assessments that I can then give the general education teacher. She could choose to use it as a grade or to review how they are doing. I didn’t have any challenges. It seemed user friendly and didn’t take a long time to create. I also used WordWall. I have never heard of this until now. I liked the option of how you want it presented to the students. I chose the game show because I think the kids would like that. I created a multiplication quiz for this one also. I was able to add as many questions as I want by clicking the plus sign and typing in what I needed. The platform seemed easy and was quick. I want to incorporate this into my classroom as a review before the test. This would be a fun way to get the students practicing without using the same Kahoot and Quizzez games.


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